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Bowen, Holistic, Alternative, Complimentary, Therapy, Technique, Cornwall


Full consultation and treatment typically takes 45-60 minutes, and costs £45 per session*. Sessions for children are available at reduced rates.


Initially, it is suggested to have three to four treatments with a break of 5 -10 days between each treatment. This gives the body a chance to reset and repair and also helps the body work to hold. Results may be seen immediately or after several treatments. It will depend on the individual’s needs or condition as to whether or not regular treatments continue, or only maintenance treatments are necessary (approximately every 4 -8 weeks); regular treatments will encourage optimum health. Some chronic conditions might need more frequent therapy to see improvements in symptoms.


Unlike massage, Bowen Technique involves no manipulation or adjustment. The gentle rolling action over soft tissue is uniquely subtle and relaxing, bringing relief within 48 hours in most cases. I offer a full client consultation to assess long-term treatment plans for chronic conditions.


If you need to know more, you can contact me here


Prices subject to change.

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