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Bowen is being discovered by well-known folk!


Explorer Bear Grylls stated that he is "hooked" on Bowen Therapy after breaking his back in 3 places.. "it felt like petrol was being put back in my tank." Full article here


Author and BBC2 Presenter Janey Lee Grace commented:  "I've known Bowen to help many people with serious back pain even after they were told they'd never walk again!"


James Ellison, one-time British Superbike race winner, two times European champion, and one time world champion. Full testimonial here


Here is what a few professional sportsmen and women had to say about their experience of Bowen therapy;


“I am approaching the later years of my career and Bowen has helped my body to recover quicker after games and intense training. It´s great”

Jamie Peacock Leeds Rhinos


“Although sceptical prior to receiving Bowen treatment the effects have been nothing but positive. Following competition it is extremely effective at relieving the tension and improving recovery in the neck and upper back areas”

Matt Diskin, Leeds Rhinos. 


“I have been receiving treatment for around a year and the benefits from it have been that I feel relaxed mentally also more supple and I have a greater range of movement”

Lee Smith, Leeds Rhinos


“The quality of my training is better, with the same number of hours and level of training” explains GB triathlete Victoria Gill.


When asked “What is Bowen therapy?” Triathlon coach Joe Beer said,

“I am not a practitioner but I do have this type of body work. It does not feel like rubbing muscles in a massage, instead various muscle parts are lightly manipulated. It feels like little is happening until the therapist leaves the room (those used to massage think “where’s she going now?)… you lie there and “ping” muscles start to re-set. I walk out of the session floating on air, my body feels great and I have to say whilst I don’t need to know the science I do know it works for me and other athletes who have tried it.”

“Bowen greatly benefits my training and performance, providing me with regular Personal Bests”

Frankie Snare, 6th Women 25-29 Iron Man 2014


“The positive results I experienced physically and mentally during my Bowen therapy surpassed my initial expectations. I’m a very sporty individual (semi-professional footballer) with a busy work schedule so to find a therapy that significantly reduced stress levels and improved my physical wellbeing and performance was a first. I would typically use a sports masseuse but Bowen offers you so much more. I would certainly recommend a course of therapy, the positive results will be evident“

Ben Thompson

“Nothing short of magic”

British GBmoto motorcycle rider James Ellison

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